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tucker adams

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Tucker Adams is a seasoned creative Video Director with expertise across the entire production lifecycle.

Adams brings a wealth of experience in diverse disciplines, allowing for the organic growth of visual creations. With a background in 3D Animation, Adams possesses a strong understanding of VFX and adheres to industry-leading post-production standards.

In addition to mastering post-production, Adams is an accomplished Director/DP. Whether it involves documentary filmmaking, brand identity, television projects, or showcasing his skills as a professional FPV drone pilot, Adams has the experience to make a significant impact in the industry.

Hailing from the Midwest, Adams has traveled to the far corners of the world, capturing stories driven by the human element.

Beyond the realm of visual creation, Adams is an avid fisherman known for his competitive spirit, though he keeps his prized fishing spots, or "honey holes," a closely guarded secret.


King Arthur Baking  |  Disney  |  Ocearch  |  SeaWorld  |  Yeti  |  Costa  |  Southern Tide  |  Uncharted Supply Co.  |  Redbull  |  Netflix  |  PRMI  |  SHRED  |  Cisco Brewers  | Jefferson's Bourbon


Director  |  Director of Photography  |  Studio Photography  |  Editing  |  Project Management  |  Creative Advertising  |  Collaboration  |  Budget Management  |  Social Media  |  Marketing  |  Brand Identity  |  Web Management  |  Scheduling  |  Production Staff  |  Sales Assets | Motion Graphics | 3D Animation


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